First Tee Shot - An Introduction

The Drink For Golfers

Not just any ordinary dietary supplement drink, First Tee Shot is nutritionally engineered with seven key ingredients to help keep you calm, relaxed and focused so you can get your round off to a great start.


Why Drink First Tee Shot?

✔ Helps Alleviate First Tee Jitters

✔ Specially Formulated To Increase Focus

✔ Swing Smooth And Relaxed

✔ Keeps You Calm To Reduce Shanking

✔ Helps Improve Concentration To Make Those Short Putts

✔ Long Lasting Formula To Get You Through The Round

✔ Tastes Great

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What's In The Bottle?

A nutritious balance of vitamins, minerals and botanicals to help you reach max golf performance. Each bottle has zero calories, zero preservatives, is sugar free, gluten free and made with natural ingredients.

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Want To Sell First Tee Shot?

We want every golfer to experience the delicious taste and performance benefits of First Tee Shot. Contact us today to learn how to get First Tee Shot in your Pro Shop or Sporting Goods Store.

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