Our Story

Welcome to First Tee Shot. Our story started with an idea of formulating a non-alcoholic golf sport drink that can help alleviate those first tee jitters. Founder John Wolikow, an avid golfer, often found himself looking for the cart guy / girl early in the morning to grab a beer or Bloody Mary to help relax him prior to his first tee shot. John really didn’t like drinking so early in the morning but did feel it helped him relax and ultimately play better, especially the first few holes.

John set out to create a drink that not only would relax and calm him but would also improve his mental focus and concentration. The idea is simple - if you are calm and relaxed, especially in the first few holes, and you are mentally focused you will play better golf!       

Plenty of research and development was done to engineer the perfect formula.  A proprietary blend of natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and botanicals were formulated to create the ultimate golfers supplement drink. John’s main goals were to make certain the formula was effective and that the ingredients were actually healthy and good for you. First Tee Shot has zero calories, zero preservatives, zero sugar, and tastes great. John is very happy with the result and believes you will be too!  

Looking to improve your golf performance? Give First Tee Shot a try. First Tee Shot is the perfect companion to add to your golf routine and is the only golf nutrition supplement that can help get your round off to that great start. 

First Tee SHot 12 bottle casepack