Golf is a sport that challenges every golfer mentally and physically. No matter if you're playing for fun with friends or competing in tournaments, it's imperative that you get your round off to a great start. Every golfer knows about those first tee jitters and how well (or poor) that first tee shot goes could mean the difference between a great outing or a long day.

So what is FIRST TEE SHOT? Simply, it's a delicious drink that's nutritionally engineered for golfers to help calm, relax and improve your focus and concentration.

So why should you drink FIRST TEE SHOT?

• Helps Alleviate First Tee Jitters

• Specially Formulated To Increase Focus

• Swing Smooth And Relaxed

•  Keeps You Calm To Reduce Shanking

• Helps Improve Concentration To Make Those Short Putts

• Long Lasting Formula To Get You Through The Round

• Tastes Great

If that's not enough, each bottle has 0 Calories, 0 Preservatives, is Sugar Free, Gluten Free and made with Natural Ingredients.

First Tee Shot is available in Birdies Berry flavor and each 2 oz bottle contains the following key ingredients that will help you Elevate Your Game! 

 First Tee Shot Formula


This essential antioxident helps to improve cognitive function while reducing blood pressure levels.

This crucial mineral helps to calm the mind, increase energy and plays a key role in keeping your heart and bones healthy.

This amino acid provides a natural calming effect, balanced mood and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

This amino acid promotes relaxation and a state of calm, attentive wakefulness while enhancing focus and concentration.

This amino acid gives you a boost in energy levels and can reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise.

This powerful herbal antioxidant helps to reduce inflammation and acts as an effective natural relaxant.

This herb adds to an enjoyable flavor and scent to the drink while its calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress.


For best results, take one bottle 15 minutes prior to your first tee shot. OK, sound good? Great! Head on over to our shop page to grab a bottle today.