New Nutritional Supplement for Golfers Promotes Focus on the Green

Athletes rave about First Tee Shot drink for improved performance. First Tee Shot proudly announces the next great innovation in sports drinks for the golf niche, the First Tee Shot supplement drink.

First Tee Shot’s creators realized the needs of the modern golfer and set out to create a drink that not only would relax and calm the athlete but would also improve mental focus and concentration. 

First Tee Shot was designed to be the perfect quick sip supplement for golfers, delivered in a compact 2 oz. bottle. It contains zero calories, zero preservatives, is sugar free, gluten free and made from natural ingredients. It is now available in its premiere flavor, Birdies Berry.

First Tee Shot boasts a number of key ingredients that help golfers elevate their game:

“The idea is simple - if you are calm and relaxed, especially in the first few holes, and you are mentally focused you will play better golf!” says founder, John Wolikow. Wolikow got the idea for the drink when he wanted a non-alcoholic option to help alleviate those first tee jitters — thus the name. “We are so happy with the market response to our product thus far and are committed to delivering a superior product to our valued growing customer base,” says Wolikow.