Let Me Introduce First Tee Shot!

Sometimes in the game of golf, the clubs aren’t the only thing that is going to make you a professional. There definitely is a physical aspect to the game but there is also a mental aspect that comes into play. If you can conquer the mental part then the physical part is a lot easier to overcome.

I know for me personally, I get REALLY nervous on the first tee. I can feel all the eyes just staring at me. This constant golf anxiety on the first tee usually makes or breaks my round. With all that being said I never knew there would be a supplement out there to overcome these first tee jitters.

Let Me Introduce First Tee Shot!

​So I was constantly seeing on social media that there was a liquid shot out there called First Tee Shot. The product promises to “Elevate Your Game” and also get rid of those first hole jitters. At first I thought it was too good to be true and it was just some kind of snake oil trick. I am writing this post today to let everyone know that I was 100% wrong! There is something definitely magical about this product.

So What Does It Promise To Do?

​The first red flag I had with this product was how many things it promised to do. Usually when I see a golf company promising to alleviate so many common issues with one product it is usually nonsense. First Tee Shot can actually back up these claims because they truly have a solid product. Here’s what is being promised by the company...

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